These are but a few of the locations that have been blended in the shattered world of Raltha.


Hartal is the Arcanic Realm of hellish demons and suffering where humanity is very near the bottom of the proverbial food chain with no hope in resisting the demon lords who rule the realm.


Lathar is the Arcanic Realm of gothic horror and shadowy creatures of the night.


Of the four known realms that have been twisted together, Raltha is universally the largest and most predominant landscape. The other pockets of Raltha are known are Arcanic Realms, but are no less "real" than Raltha after the Great Calamity.

The Trencian Empire

These ultra-violent aliens are known only for high technology and their incessant bloodthirst. They appear to have no knowledge or comprehension of Magic or Psionics, but their technology is possibly the most advanced known on Raltha.


Thrala is the Arcanic Realm of fantastical and mythological creatures of both good and evil.