The Trencian Empire

These ultra-violent aliens are known only for high technology and their incessant bloodthirst. They appear to have no knowledge or comprehension of Magic or Psionics, but their technology is possibly the most advanced known on Raltha. Their population is lower than most species, but there are still tens of thousands of soldier-citizens living on Raltha far to the east of the Pan-Kai Alliance and the Rikan Empire. They do not negotiate. They do not take prisoners. They are the Trencian Empire. They are known as “The Trenches” casually.

Trencian Physiology

The average Trencian has a height of two meters, is roughly humanoid with the exception of a 2 meter long tail ending with a poisonous striking ceramic like point. They are omnivores leaning towards carnivorous tendencies. Although humanoid, the internal physiology is alien. They have a dozen mini-hearts, three lungs, three organs which appear to handle the functions of a kidney, colons and liver. The stomachs and intestines are extremely hardy as is the very active immune system. They are comfortable standing and walking upright and quickly running on all fours.

Technology of the Trencian Empire

The Trencian Empire technology is sufficiently more advanced than the Rikan Empire's technology. Common technology of war is personal force field and deflector shielding for defense and commonly use matter conversion beam weaponry which converts the matter that it targets into explosive energy. Each device is DNA locked to the Trencian physiology. The technology will work once or twice for a non Trencian if the DNA is still fresh on the equipment, but will soon explosively self-destruct if used once the DNA wears off.