This is a brief list of the major characters in the Raltha universe. Each character will be cross linked to Book and Locations and other Characters as per relations and appearance. Major spoilers are hidden in a clickable Spoiler tag.

Beaur Kappel

Beau Kappel was a ganger living in the underground catacombs of Sentry. He is Jeri's adopted brother and father figure.

Dr. Edmund Vargas

Dr. Vargas is a genius nanotech and genetic researcher who dabbles in alchemy. His hybrid experiments led to great advancements for zombie and werewolf control for his mistress, the vampire Lady Kalifax.

Hal Irving

Hal is a Clansguard of Pankeen who finds himself an outcast after a sabotaged meeting with the Rikan Empire turns to tragedy.

Jeri Kappel

Jeri Kappel is an Rikan Empire soldier who finds herself on the run with the enemy when her rifle is discharged by an Lathar assassin to start a war between the Merleen Alliance and the Rikan Empire.

Kain D'Mere

Latharian assassin turned hybrid seeking vengeance against Vargas

Lyne McKinney

Lyne McKinney is the only remaining original Clansguard hailing from the city-state of Pankeen.