Raltha, a shattered world

Raltha (pronounced "Rall-tha") is both the name of a science fiction/fantasy setting and the name of a distant world in the far future that has been shattered by a calamitous supernatural event. Raltha, a shattered world, has been split up and stitched back in a patchwork of other realities including, but not limited to: a world of dark gothic horror, a world of hellish suffering, a world of high fantasy and a high technology post-apocalyptic world. This setting is the brainchild of Jeffrey D. Gordon for Sentry, a book written for NaNoWriMo 2014 to be published in mid-2015. The first draft of the book is available to review immediately.

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    Leave this Kain fellow to me, for he is lost and used to following orders. His soul is vengeful and dark, but deep down I think there's hope. I've trained many good Clansguard with just as much turmoil. I'm confident we can use him at least for now.

    -Lyne McKinney, Clansguard Elder to the Pankeen Council

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    Kappel? Yeah I know her. Damn good soldier - sharp as a whistle. I was on short tour on the northeast border with her while she was a conscript - right before battle T-264. Last I heard she'd gone into tech school.

    Corporal Max MacDonald, Rikan Army

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    Claymore calling anyone who can help. We've been hit by an energy wave and our arcanic drives have been knocked out. We're going down hard. Mayday! Mayday!

    -Last words of Captain Julia O'Donnel, P.A.S. Claymore.

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    The earth shook and the sky was afire. When my senses returned to me, Castle Kalifax was gone. In its place was a shining gate to another world. I knew then our lady was gone.

    -Craig Minkov, Gloomshire Guard.