Hartal (pron. HAR-tawl) is the Arcanic Realm of hellish demons and suffering. There are two extremes of environment in this realm: vulcan and tundral. The two environments are usually separated by a deep chasm in Hartal proper, but the few realms that have bled through to Raltha clash harshly with the relative temperate conditions there.

Both of the Ralthan arctic poles contain huge tundral Hartal shards, while there are patches of vulcan Hartal in the Crimson Mountains, deep underground and many other locations. In the realms of Hartal humanity is very near the bottom of the proverbial food chain with no hope in resisting the demon lords who rule the realm. They are uneducated, hopeless, beaten, tortured and then finally consumed for pleasure (as a demon thrives from the psychic energy of suffering, not the flesh).

Worst of all, mortals who exist in Hartal do not age or die unless their body (and soul) is completely consumed in Hartal. Torture and suffering can literally be eternal, because unconsciousness is also prevented  by the Shard, for the poor souls who exist there. There are a very, very few humans who have been taken as pets, or perhaps apprentices, by the demon lords, and even some who are educated by these fiends in the dark ways. It is rumored that it is the corruption and feeding of the demon seed that allegedly lies within every human that creates new demons. This is the only known way that demons can reproduce.