The Pankeen Clansguard

Published: 03/06/2015 11:55 am

I wanted to write a few thoughts down on my favorite kilt-wearing fictional magic users: The Pankeen Clansguard. pankeen-clansmen-in-line It's obvious that I've based this city-nation off the "movie ideal" Scots-Irish culture: seemingly crude, highly independent, brave, honorable and seemingly barbaric compared to the rest of the surrounding cultures. I've got a few characters who have dropped their accent (at least outside of Pankeen society), but so far they're all pupils of the legendary and venerable Lyne McKinney.

Although primitive compared to many nations (they're very early 20th century technologically), their knowledge and stubborn control of magic that makes it a thriving culture in a violent world. It's the integration of magic with their weaponry which makes their war-waging prowess so deadly. The Clansword is a respected weapon of honor. The weapon comes in many sizes from a short sword to a great two-handed claymore. Any trained Clansman can activate and use its armor-cutting energy. A Clansguard can also use a Clansword as a foci to channel magical energy more safely. However even using a foci, it's safer, although not nearly as effective, to use a pistol or rifle at range rather than magic. pankeen-clansmen

One of the other major offensive and defensive iconic Pankeen weapons is the Pankeen airship. It's unique as it's the only known vehicle which defies gravity with no residual effect. Even the Trencian Empire's technology requires a quantifiable energy beneath the vehicle, VTOL engines, or wings. Additionally these great ships have deflecting wards which bend space around the vehicle deflecting incoming fire from both projectile and energy weapons. These great flying ships make for deadly spearheads. The men and women of Pankeen are stubborn, tough and never give up when backed into a corner. They mistrust the Rikan Empire, but hate towards the Trencian Empire outshines their animosity towards the Rikan Empire that alliances between Pankeen and the Rikan Empire are uncommon, but certainly not rare.