Short Stories, Atlases, and Location Descriptions.... OH MY!

Published: 04/23/2015 10:45 pm

I imagine that the trick of a successful world-building is immersion (mainly for the writer). The believability of a world is showing not telling, just as it is for a good story. In order for me to do that immersion is key-1especially with all the "meat-space" distractions I have. I'm going to be writing then publishing quite a few handfuls of short stories which will all be canon in the Raltha universe while taking mental breaks from the harrowing experience of editing Sentry.

I'll be releasing SVG Atlases (probably penned in Inkscape or Adibe Illustrator, although I do have a rudimentary version in Affinity Designer already), and more detailed Location Descriptions "soon" as well. I might even try to create a custom map link to the locations on the website. I'm still looking for an artist or group of artists to help visualize this living world just on the other side of thought. I've been mainly browsing Deviant Art for potentials at the same time prioritizing what I think is important to convey in visual media. Art for the slideshow and main character portraits on the website is high importance on my list.

Fleshing out the Trencians biologically and socially is also very high on my todo list. They're intended to be a monstrous unlikable species. But like all bad-guys, there should be something charming or at least something to admire about the baddies. They're a combination of Aliens, Predators and various other sci-fi villain race tropes. They're completely non-communicative to their prey, but like everything I want them to have a proper reason for being who and what they are even if it's not immediately obvious.