Pankeen, Home of the Clansguard

Pankeen ("pan-keen") is a moderate sized border-town on the south-eastern fringes of the Alliance near the Rikan Empire borders. It’s commonly known as “that town where both the women and men wear dresses.” It’s also well known that it is the Clansguard who are charged in defense of the ever-expanding Trencian Empire. The combats between the Pankeen and the Trenches are usually very one-sided seemingly random either way. This disparity is because of the technological vs magical war machines make outcomes with so many variables impossible to predict. They have a very uneasy alliance with the Rikan Empire due to their common enemy.


Although the Pankeen are perhaps the strongest human users of magic in the known area, their technology is still sufficient for modern luxuries. They have crude electricity generation capabilities and the ability to create weaponry at an early 20th century quality.

The potency of their attacks lie within their great airships which float against all known laws of gravity and the power of each individual Clansguard's claymore, which is both an enchanted sword and a focus that assists a Clansguard from experiencing Arcanic backlash.

The People of Pankeen

The people of Pankeen are a simple, rugged folk. There are about forty clans (loosely, a family) who live and work in and around the town. Most art artisans and farmers, but all, men and women included, of them are capable of combat in when the alarms are sounded. Each clan owns a particular plaid pattern of colors. This pattern is called a Tartan and it serves as the flag and honor of each clan. There is often a rivalry between clans, but rarely do such rivalries turn to bloodshed. These rivalries are most often seen during the annual Pankeen Games where clans compete with other clans in feats of physical and magical powers in the late spring.

The Clansguard

The Clansguard are the protectors of Pankeen and are well regarded as the elite soldiers of the Pan-Kai Alliance.