Sentry, the Capital of the Rikan Empire

Sentry is capital city-state of the Rikan Empire. It's a massive roughly thirty kilometer (19 miles) diameter coastal city surrounded by a huge reinforced concrete wall bordering on the southern arctic sea. Although there are a few minor towns under the Rikan Empire control, Sentry is the primary population count for its citizens. The wall is 100 meters (30 stories) tall, bristling with weapons and defenses.

Structures and Locations

The primary administration building is a steep 350 meter tall (100 stories) pyramidical acropolis and could be self-sustaining even if the rest of the city was decimated. It towers over the walls and is quite visible from ground level outside the city. It is rumored that the administration building has a shield generator that can protect itself from incoming fire as well as the rest of the city. The remainder of the structures remain below the height of the wall. Because of the limiting factor of the city wall, the city has grown 'up' and not 'out.'

The Undercity

Sentry has been built upon the ruins of an ancient, long forgotten city. A generation ago the slums that were topside were burned down to the ground when a Hartalic demon was summoned either intentionally or by accident. Since the demon was never found and most of the slums were leveled, the entire sector was purged leaving the poor homeless and nowhere to go. They went to the Undercity. The Undercity is a gigantic multilevel maze of old streets and buildings from the centuries of building over building over building. There are many toxic regions, but there are pockets and towns of outlaw civilizations who had never seen the sun. Down here the laws are delegated by the strong. Gangs make their living as the law as long as they have the firepower and the manpower to stay in power. It's a harsh life. The ancient city's power source still is working strong and Sentry taps into this power source (although backup reactors are ready just in case this mysterious source of energy ever fails). The reactor is so deep underground that every attempt to reach it has failed either returning with no results or not returning at all. The source of the power is unknown, but it's been theorized that it's either fusion or geothermal.

Society and the People

The people in Sentry are either citizen-soldiers in reserve or citizens working for the betterment of the military who protect them from the horrors that roam Raltha. Most are plain, but usually well-educated, folk who wish only to protect themselves and the ones they love. The animosity towards the other races runs deep in their culture as the early wars with the Trencian Empire has sewn distrust in all non humans and those who collaborate with nonhumans.